About Ramm Sports

Ramm Sports is the Multi-sport division of Challenger Productions.

We produce reasonably priced off-season Triathlons and Duathlons in Southern California. Our events are "low-key" but competitive, organized and fun! We emphasize safety and a low stress environment for our entrants. We try to make the whole event process as simple as possible. Starting with sign-up and packet pick-up to event parking. Safety is our biggest concern whether you are a beginner or advanced athlete. Our multi-sport events all have near fully closed courses on the bike ride (two are fully closed) and are flat and fast! Additionally, our events are located at the most beautiful venues in San Diego that the competitor will enjoy!


About Challenger Productions

Challenger productions is the parent company of Ramm Sports and Fusion Timing. Challenger provides turnkey operations for the production of endurance events for organizers of all kinds as well as producing our own organic events. We produce reverse Triathlons, Duathlons, Half-Marathons, and 5k's. We also provide fitness camps, coaching and education. Our directors have over 100 years of production, coaching, education and competition experience. For more information about our production services for your event please email at: production@rammsports.com

Our Directors:
Mr. Roger Drews - Event Director/Emcee & Media
Mr. Paul Greer - Emcee
Mrs. Mary Lou Baranowski - Director/Emcee & Media
Ms. Milena Glusac - Emcee

Race Crew:
Mr. Ryan Norling - Director of Timing/Setup Coordinator
Mr. Brian Anderson - Swim Course/Start & Finish Line Supervisor/Timing

Mr. Jeff Baloy - Course Supervisor/Timing
Ms. Shari Ball-Garcia Check-in/Course
Mr. Pete Hess - Setup/Transition/Course
Mr. Eric Marenburg - Setup/Transition/Course
Mr. Evan Drews - Bike course/setup
Mrs. Mary Lou Baranowski - Check-in/Course

Mr. Bill Drews - Bike Course/Setup
Mr. Nick Miller - Transition Supervisor/Course
Mr. Leslie Boyd - Course/Setup
Mr. John Winternolte - Bike course
Mrs. Jayna Bohling - Check-in Desk
Mr. Matt Horner - Course/Setup/Security/Medical
Mr. Jon Feldman - Course/Setup
Mrs. Milda Simonaitis-Boyd - Aide Station/setup
Ms. Heather Acrie - Course/Setup/Aide Station
Ms. Edna Drews - Aide Station
Mr. Alex Gerhard - Course/Setup